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Adult Inpatient Addiction Services

Adult Inpatient Addiction Services

Addiction & Co-Occurring Mental Health Treatment

Our inpatient program for adults provides substance use disorder and co-occurring mental health treatment with customized services tailored to each individual, meeting your needs no matter where you are in your journey to recovery.

Depending on the situation and condition of the individual, we recommend the level of care that is needed at that precise time. As treatment proceeds and the individual responds, our facility offers various levels of care that help each individual move through the continuum until they are safe and are substance-free as well as have the tools necessary to be successful in their recovery.

Our addiction and co-occurring mental health programs assist individuals with transitioning back into their community by rebuilding trust within their support system, adapting to new coping skills and working with qualified professionals.

Medically Monitored Detox

Our detoxification program helps individuals begin the recovery process so they can continue treatment in a structured environment. Substances that require medical detoxification can include alcohol, benzodiazepines and opiates including heroin.

As soon as an individual is medically stable, individual and group therapy can begin to include:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous® 12-step study
  • Chemical dependency psycho-educational group therapy
  • Experiential group therapy
  • Narcotics Anonymous® and AA® meetings

The multidisciplinary treatment team consists of a psychiatrist, nurses, therapists and social workers. The inpatient detox program accepts TRICARE®, managed Medicaid, Medicare and most commercial insurances.

Transitions Rehabilitation Program

Our inpatient rehabilitation program, Transitions, specializes in providing comprehensive treatment for individuals with addictions and co-occurring mental health issues. Our goal is to provide a rehabilitation treatment in a therapeutic environment for individuals with emotional and behavioral issues, including:

  • Alcohol and drug use
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depressive disorders
  • Trauma history (including post-traumatic stress disorder)

Treatment and programming components can include:

  • Medical, psychiatric and psychological assessments
  • One to two individual therapy sessions per week
  • Family sessions as needed
  • Ongoing psychiatric medication management
  • NA®/ AA® meetings
  • Therapeutic 12-step study and journaling

Individuals may step down from detox or be admitted through an outside referral source such as a physician, mental health therapist or family member. The Transitions Program accepts TRICARE®, Medicare and most commercial insurances.

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