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What To Expect

What To Expect

Getting behavioral health treatment can be daunting, but knowing what’s ahead can help lessen some of that stress. Our multidisciplinary treatment team is dedicated to providing a holistic approach and personalized care.

Treatment Planning

We begin with a comprehensive mental health assessment to determine the appropriate level of care needed to achieve stabilization so an individual can start on a path toward recovery. As one of the keys to successful treatment, we begin working on your discharge plan as soon as you are admitted. Treatment can include psychiatric, medical, nursing, suicide risk, recreation, and dietary assessments depending on individual needs. Group therapy is the primary modality for treatment, though family and individual therapy may be a part as well.


  • Patients have access to phones on the unit, outside of scheduled therapies or activities not to interrupt daily programming. In order to receive calls, a patient passcode will be provided to ensure patient’s privacy rights are protected.
  • Phone time may be limited and/or scheduled to allow other patients time.
  • Connect with a unit representative for more information regarding visitation. Visitation times vary by program and unit.

HIPAA Release of Information (ROI)

  • A HIPAA ROI allows the patient/guardian to authorize a designated loved one(s) to communicate with the treatment team.
  • HIPAA ROI may be limited regarding access to certain information.
  • A confidential, patient-specific ID is needed to receive information when calling the facility.